I'm Kyle, I believe YOUR story deserves to be told. Every story has value and every person has a unique story. In order for your customers/fans/consumers to buy into your business/personality/non-profit, they have to align themselves with your story. My passion is to help you create compelling and engaging stories that help you tell your story and capture potential customers.

I currently live in Chattanooga, TN and do video work all throughout the Southeast. Some notable clients include: Chick-Fil-A, Mason Plumlee (NBA Center), QB Country, Josh Garrels, Atlantic Capital Bank, and PCA Retirement and Benefits.

In this digital age, media is extremely important. It can be confusing and overwhelming to get started in producing digital content. That is my passion. My team and I live to help you wade through the mass of media content and figure out which form (video/photo/podcast) is best for you and your business.


The Lung Docs

My latest project involved helping Dr. Mike Czarnecki at Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants of Chattanooga, begin building out his content. We started with a simple info spot about who he is and what he does. We’ve got some exciting things coming to build on this foundation, including video podcasting. Stay tuned!

Also, it was a blast to partner with Izell Marketing Group to produce this piece.


Storytelling matters. Your story matters.

Let me help you tell it.


Capturing powerful and unique stories is something I love to do. Whether from the perspective of a video, a podcast, or photos, I believe that people have value. I promise to value your time, to not nickel and dime you, and to do my best to produce a product that honors your vision.